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      Many our clients will need to cut high reflective materials, such as aluminium, gold, silver and brass, copper. As these materials belongs to high reflective materials, so it will be harder cut than carbon steel and stainless steel.

      Here are some video links of cooper cutting, just for your reference:

      Many our clients choose to send their DXF samples, here are the copper cutting samples we made for our clients.


      Copper CuttingGases needed for the copper cutting

      During the metal copper cutting process, the auxiliary gasses are necessary for the whole process. For cutting machine, with N2, it can make sure the cutting effects with perfect edge.

      Gas Pressure:

      The pressure of the laser gas is another important factor to keep in mind. The gas pressure is influence he thickness of the material to cut. The thinner the material, the lower the gas pressure or there is a risk of damaging the material and the laser device itself.

      Nozzles Size:

      The cutting nozzles significantly influence the laser cutting process. For example, when we have to deal with low-pressure laser cutting, smaller nozzles are require. Conversely, when the material machining calls for a higher-pressure cut, then we need to use larger nozzles.
      Generally, different cutting materials are with different nozzles diameters (Both the Single & Double nozzles)

      – For the carbon steel with 2000w cutter’s cutting range:
      It should be with double nozzle with 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 diameter, and with the O2 auxiliary gas;

      – For the stainless steel & aluminium with 2000w cutter’s range:
      It should be with single nozzle with 2.0, 2.5. 3.0. 3.5(optional) with the N2 auxiliary gas;

      Maintenance & After sales service

      – For the laser cutter itself

      Zero maintenance is one of major advantages of fiber laser cutter. All our fiber laser cutter machine will be accepted by 48 hours before delivering out,
      Which can lower the failure rate.

      – For the easy operating feature:
      As I told you that fiber laser cutting machine can be operated easily. One of our Pakistan  clients, who bought our cutter early, is also the first time to touch this fiber laser cutter machine.
      Even me, also consider whether he can operate the machine well, when he guaranteed me we did not need to send the technician to their factory.
      But luckily, when he got the machine, and the machine works well.

      Any question about our machine, free to contact us.

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