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    ET Series
    ET Series
    • ET Series
    • ET Series
    • ET Series

    ET Series

    • Description
      • Commodity name: ET Series

      Pneumatic chuck design

      The front and rear chuck clamping design is convenient for installation, labor-saving, and no wear and tear.Ensure the stability of feeding and cutting accuracy;Automatic adjustment of the center, suitable for various pipes, high chuck rotation speed,can improve processing efficiency.


      Aerospace aluminum gantry

      The aerospace aluminum is manufactured under aerospace standards. After artificial aging and solution treatment, it is finished. Hardness can reach to T6, and it has the characteristics of good toughness and ductility. 

      Light in weight, convenient for high-speed movement during processing, and is highly flexible. It can greatly increase the processing speed when the accuracy is met.


      Tube welding bed design

      8MM steel pipe welded bed with stable structure and high temperature annealing treatment to eliminate the stress caused by welding and machining. Reduce the loss of laser cutting machine in use, no deformation after 30 years of use


      Intelligent alarm system

      Comprehensive abnormal alarm, which can be pushed to the interface through the control center to detect abnormalities in advance,Reduce hidden dangers and double the effect of equipment abnormality investigation.



      Machine model XTC-F1530ET ◆XTC-F1545ET◆ XTC-F2040ET ◆ XTC-F2060ET
      Working area 1510x3050mm ◆ 1510x4550mm ◆ 2030×4050mm ◆ 2030x6050mm
      Linkage speed ≤140m/min
      Accelerated speed 1.5G
      Applicable power 1500W-4000w


      Cut sample

      Cut sample

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