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    GP Series

    • Description
      • Commodity name: GP Series

      High power GP-2560, dedicated to providing professional laser industrial application solutions

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        Monitoring system

        Dual cameras, front and back partition monitoring, No dead corners in the processing area; Intuitive processing, remote alarm, safe operation

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        Automatic lubrication system

        Provide lubricating oil for equipment regularly and quantitatively, Ensure high-speed operation of equipment Improve cutting accuracy

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        Fully enclosed design

        Safety and environmental protection, international standard laser protective glass, Comply with CE certification standards, standard with dust removal system, Every detail shows zero pollution





      Half hollow plate welded  heat dissipation bed

      Cyclonic half hollow plate welded bed,with small heating area, avoiding deformation of the machine bed due to long-term high temperature, Provide strong guarantee for customers to realize long-term batch cutting of medium and thick plates.


      Germany Precitec cutting head-the black technology of laser cutting head

      Non-inductive perforation, high-speed operation, auto focus, flexible cutting different materials and thickness of plates. Small taper, bright surface, smooth cutting section without burrs, The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, which can prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust, with that, it is reliable and stable.

      Reticulated cast aluminum beam

      High pressure cast alumium beam,with good runing performance, strong resistance to deformation, light weight, high strength and more durable,the beam can get higher running response and improve processing efficiency.


      Smart interconnection system

      Equipped with intelligent control system to realize visual production process and industrial interconnection, Maximize the strong performance of the equipment and reduce the incidence of accidents.


      IPG laser source

      The most famous laser source manufacturer in the world. Powerful cutting ability, the cutting thickness of sheet metal can reach 80mm. Excellent beam quality at high power. Higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, lower power consumption, and low maintenance cost


      Anca System

      A powerful control system specifically for laser cutting machine, Comprehensive diagnosis function to find faults quickly, The corresponding process database can be set according to different materials and thicknesses, Efficient automatic nesting function., Support contour inspection and complex graphics repair functions, Automatically optimize the cutting path, Follow the intelligent lifting and leapfrogging function to make the machine more flexible and accelerate more faster.




      Machine model XTC-F2040GP ◆ XTC-F2060GP◆ XTC-F2560GP◆ XTC-F2080GP
      Working area 2000x4000mm ◆ 2000x6000mm ◆ 2500x6050mm ◆  2500x8050mm
      Linkage speed 200m/min
      Accelerated speed 2.8G
      Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
      Repeatability ±0.02mm
      Applicable power 6000w-20000w


      Cut sample


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